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Dr. Masi Marco


Date of Birth


Current assignment

Research scholar

Title of qualification awarded

Degree in Biology

Other qualifications awarded

Master degree in medical, veterinary and pharmaceutical biotechnology (in progess)

Positions held
  • From 2004 to 2015 engaged working in many areas of  catering, up to the management of a place I own, teacher of professional courses
  • 2015 to 2022 teaching science subjects and managing a website of scientific articles

Italian: mother tongue
English B2
French A2

  • Good knowledge of Windows OS and office
  • Basic knowledge of Linux OS
  • Basic knowledge of CMS, app and database management for web pages and their creation
  • Basic programmation in R language
  • NGS analysis data
  • Knowledge of photo, audio and video editing software
  • Knowledge of CAD/CAM software
Scientific activities

Thesis and study on micro RNA control by the PNAs in the therapeutic applications

Clinical and/or Scientific interests

Techniques and therapeutic study based on medical genetics and molecular biology