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Directorate of the Nursing, Technical and Rehabilitation Service 



The Nursing, Technical and Rehabilitation Service Directorate contributes to the pursuit of the organisation mission by guaranteeing the overall governance of the areas it refers to. It ensures the appropriateness, quality, effectiveness and professional-operational efficiency of the care activities offered as part of the diagnosis, treatment, care and rehabilitation process.

The Director of the Nursing, Technical and Rehabilitation Service is directly responsible for managing the nursing, technical and rehabilitation care process, with a high margin of discretional power in terms of control, direction and verification of management activities in relation to the resources allocated.

The Director of the Nursing, Technical and Rehabilitation Service, selected on the basis of the rules in force as Director of Complex Structure, has the following responsibilities:

  • management of the processes of assistance and support in an integrated system of care, through the coordination of the health professions belonging to it;
  • planning, implementation and development of innovative care organisation models in line with the organisation of the Institute, by promoting the processes of research, improvement of human resources and formation;
  • definition of the overall requirements of the staff resources in the areas of development and optimisation of the health professions;
  • Coordination of internships for students on Bachelor's degrees, Master's degrees and Postgraduate programmes in the Health Professions, carried out by the universities that have an agreement with the IOR.

Health professions areas

  •     Nursing Care Area
    •         Surgical Platform
  •     Technical Health Area
    •         Biomedical Laboratory
    •         Medical Radiology
    •         Neurophysiopathology
  •     Rehabilitation AreaArea of the Assistance Support staff
  •     Health Professions Research
  •     Training and Professional Development
  •     Bed Management
  •     Hospital Infection Control and Hygiene
  •     Contract Management
  •     Rizzoli-Sicilia Department



Secretary of the Nursing, technical and rehabilitation assistance service Directorate
phone: +39-051-6366471
fax: +39-051-6366939

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