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Access to visitors, companions, hospital volunteers, to departments at emergency room

The information posted are subject to frequently change, so we invite you to consult regularly this web page or to contact the Information Office (URP). 

After Covid-19 emergency, the epidemiological situation and current legislation, specifically:

  • The circular of The Ministry of Health “current intervention to manage SARS-CoV-2 flow during winter season 2022-2023”;
  • The statement of the General Direction Care of the person, Health and Welfare of Emilia-Romagna Region released on February 7th, 2023 having as object: “Update of preventive measures about SARS-Cov- 2 spread in health structure and social and residential health care, social welfare and corporate rehabilitation structure, related to the current epidemiological trend and the new legislations.”

For each patients and any eventual companion/caregiver and visitor, a special attention is requested to the Institute’s rules and to the health professionals’ directions at different areas of activity. 

General dispositions: 

  1. Check point control is no more present and Green Pass certification is no more requested. 
  2. Inside the Institute still remain the use of the mask, the surgical one or the one with better filtering capacity
  3. It is recommended an appropriate and frequent hand sanitization with hydro-alcoholic gel provided in the appropriate holders in common areas and in health activities areas.  
  4. It must be prevented any gathering that is not necessary. For this purpose, we ask you to follow the indications provided by the personnel in charge.

1. Visitors/companions at departments 

Visitors. Already from March 10th, 2022 the access is allowed to outside visitors at hospital ward. Visitor has to wear the proper mask and to sanitize hands before entering the department during the scheduled time for the visit. 

In order to prevent gatherings the number of visitors present at the same time for the same patient, can be limited. 

The visitor’s access can be temporary suspended if there are particular clinical situations at the department or emergency situations. 

Companions/caregivers. In case that patient needs the constant presence of an accompanying person (e.g. minors or persons with serious disabilities certified according to law 104/92), the accompanying person will be screened for COVID-19 as the patient. Also for patients with companions, visits are possible with the same rules as above.

2. Visitors/companions at PEDIATRIC ward

In paediatric wards it is possible to remain constantly with patients.

As expected for companions in adult wards, the parent/other reference person should be screened for COVID-19 with nasopharyngeal swab.

In case of any exceptions or alternation of companions an agreement may be made with the staff responsible for the operating unit.

Even for minor patients, visits are managed with the same rules as above.

3. Visitors/companions patients in isolation for COVID-19

In the isolation rooms for positive patients at SARS-cov-2, visits are permitted if authorized by the Health Department that decides in which modalities, days and duration should be done according to the patient’s condition and specific needs.

4. Companions at EMERGENCY ROOM

In the waiting areas of the Emergency Department, access is granted to one companion per patient.

In case of overcrowding or particular critical situations, the staff may limit the presence of companions. The staff can ask them to wait in other common areas of the hospital or outside.

The stay of companions/caregivers of minors, severely disabled (pursuant to art. 3, paragraph 3, Law 104/1992), patients bedridden, language barriers, is always guaranteed.

During the whole period of stay, patients and companions are obliged to wear mask and protection devices and respect the sanitary measures provided.