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2° Meeting Foster Fight Osteosarcoma through European Research

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Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute
Research Center Codivilla-Putti
Via di Barbiano, 1/10
40136 Bologna - Italy

2° Meeting FOSTER (Fight Osteosarcome Through European Reasearch). The main objective: improve outcome of patients with osteosarcoma, in terms of duration and quality of life of survivors. Primarily:

  • to describe the current knowledge; 
  • to define the unmet needs, the current gaps and missing information; 
  • to set-up the actions to meet those needs and fill-up these gaps;
  • to ultimately changes practices and improve survival.

Here the meeting program


Organizational secretariat:

Dr. Emanuela Palmerini 
tel: +39-051-6366101 

I&C srl Via Andrea Costa, 202/6 – 40134 Bologna 
Ph: +39 (0)51 6144004;

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