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Custom solutions for severe bone and joint defects (CSBJD)

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Friday - 28 October 2022

Campanacci Hall
Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli

via G.C.Pupilli 1, 40136 Bologna (ITALY)

Custom solutions for severe bone and joint defects (CSBJD)

In recent years the need for extremely large osteoarticular reconstructions is increasing in orthopaedic surgery. Most of the patients are referred to orthopaedic oncology surgeons due to their ability to reconstruct large part of limbs. Bone tumours, but also implant infection, multiple prosthetic revision as well as multiple fragment fracture in older patients, are cause of involvement of expert surgeons able to restore the limb function. Beside the use of standard mega implants a number of reconstructions need a patient specific implant to better solve the problem. To date the printing technology and surgical experience are improving to provide durable solutions.

The course is address to orthopaedic surgeons interested to complex reconstructions achieved by 3D printing custom implants in different skeletal site with the aim to improve anatomical fit, increase host implant integration and reduce the impact of tissue excision. Particular focus will be brought to pelvic oncology as well as osteochondral partial prosthetic substitutions.


Participants are invited to submit clinical cases to be discussed during the course.
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