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CUG - The Guarantee Committee for equal opportunities, welfare of workers and against discrimination at the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute

The Guarantee Committee (“CUG” is its Italian acronym ) for equal opportunities, welfare of workers and against discrimination at the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute was renewed by resolution no. 100 of 01 April 2022. It is composed as follows:


- Porcu Elisa

Administration representatives

- Mora Paolo
- Stefania Pagani
- Perrone Mariada
- Zanelli Sarah

Trade union representatives

- Asproso Serena
- Donnici Rosalia
- Menossi Elisabetta
- Roseti Livia

The Committee performs its duties in respect of all persons working in the Institute regardless of their type of contract, job and grade.
According to current legislation, the CUG has proposal, advisory and verification tasks.
Proposal tasks on:

- drawing up positive action plans to promote substantive equality between men and women at work;
- promotion and/or enhancement of any initiative aimed at implementing work-life balance policies and whatever is necessary to enable the dissemination of an equal opportunities culture;
- issues falling within its competence for the purposes of supplementary bargaining;
- initiatives aimed at implementing EU directives for the affirmation of equal dignity of persons at work, as well as positive actions in this respect;
- gender analysis and planning that considers the needs of women and men (e.g. gender balance sheet);
- dissemination of knowledge and experiences, as well as other informative, documentary, technical and statistical elements on equal opportunities problems and possible solutions adopted by other Administrations or bodies, also in cooperation with the Equality Advisor of the reference territory;
- actions aimed at fostering conditions of organizational well-being;
- positive actions, interventions and projects such as climate surveys, ethical codes and codes of conduct aimed at preventing or removing situations of discrimination or sexual, moral or psychological violence - mobbing - in the Public Administration to which the person belongs.

Advisory tasks by issuing opinions on:
- Administration reorganisation projects;
- Staff training plans;
- Working hours, forms of work flexibility and reconciliation measures;
- Staff evaluation criteria;
- Supplementary bargaining on matters falling within its remit.

Verification tasks on:
- results of positive actions, projects and good practices on equal opportunities;
- results of actions promoting organisational well-being and preventing work discomfort;
- results of actions against moral and psychological violence in the workplace - mobbing;
- absence of any form of discrimination, direct or indirect, relating to gender, age, sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin, disability, religion or language, in access, treatment and working conditions, vocational training, promotion, career advancement, safety at work.

In order to promote a working environment based on the valorisation of personnel and on the positive resolution of tensions or conflicts, the CUG of the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute collaborates with the network of Trust Advisors of the public health agencies of the metropolitan area of Bologna, committed to guaranteeing listening and support to working people who consider themselves victims of harassment, mobbing or discrimination.

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