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Dr. Marco Ruggiero


Date of Birth


Current assignment

MD at Argenta Hospital

Title of qualification awarded

Degree in Medicine and Surgery obtained at the Sapienza University of Rome with grade 110/110 with honors

Other qualifications awarded

Doctor specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Sapienza University of Rome with grade 70/70 with honors

Positions held
  • From 22/12/2021 to 31/07/2022 Medical Director at UOC Corporate Rehabilitation of ASL Roma 6
  • From 01/08/2022: Head physician at Polo Ortopedico and Rehabilitation Rizzoli Argenta Orthopedic Institute

Italian: mother tongue
English: excellent
Franch: scholastic

  • Excellent knowledge of the main health and management applications
  • Excellent knowledge of the Office package
  • Excellent knowledge of the main tools and applications of bibliographic research
Scientific activities

Author of several publications, in English, in impact factor magazines and indexed on the international database Pubmed (link).  Joined the SIMFER in 2018

Clinical and/or Scientific interests
  • Interest in the appropriateness of rehabilitation settings and evaluation scales scores in Rehabilitation
  • Interest in the clinical use of ICF, in diseases of bone metabolism
  • Interested in the development of Health Technology in Rehabilitation, at the HL of health services