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The Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute collaborates with the Villalba Nursing Home Hospital GVM, located in Bologna, in di Roncrio street, number 25.

The convention allows to have beds and operating rooms/week, used by the orthopaedic teams IOR for the activity, both divisional and free-professional intramoenia. 

The rooms are comfortable and equipped with every comfort. The Clinic has a Radiology and a Unit of Intensive Care, equipped with 7 beds. The presence of the Doctors, both from the Hotel and from Rizzoli, is daily and constant. There is also a night Medical Guard. The Physiotherapy Service is available in the Department.  

The presence of the Rizzoli/Villalba Platform allows to increase the availability of operating rooms and beds, allowing greater fluidity of waiting lists and, therefore, less waiting times for admission.

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Where are our locations?

Di Roncrio street, number 25, 40136 Bologna