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The Quality and Accreditation Office, among its functions, guarantees the implementation, the development, the verification and the promotion of the quality Management System and the coordination of a network of representatives, composed of professionals belonging to the different organizational branches.
The main activities, realized or under development at the Quality and Accreditation Office are:

  • the analysis of the Institute processes together with the operators, who are often afferent to different Services, and the formalization of the single activities within procedures, to clarify the government rules. This activity has allowed operators from various services, wards and Laboratories to discuss and overcome the existing communicational and collaborative issues. Some of these processes are not directly visible to the user, but still have a repercussion on the quality of the provided healthcare performances, such as, for instance, the management of instruments and structures, of the IT system, of the several emergencies which can occur, be they clinical, technological, structural and so forth;
  • the promotion of the measurement of quality indicators, as provided by the requisites of accreditation, and their joint interpretation together with the data surveyed within the sphere of perceived quality (satisfaction questionnaires) and of the management of risk;
  • the development of training projects addressed to operators and concerning the different issues pertaining to a quality management system;
  • the analysis and revision of the management modalities for the provision of documentary evidence in research projects, with the aim to optimize traceability in time;
  • the analysis and revision of the biological materials storing modalities, improving and accelerating their retrieving, when needed. 

Contacts and Locations


Maria Petra Mittermaier

Quality Head

phone +39-051-6366515

fax +39-051-6366424


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