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Management Board

The Management Board participates in:

  • the strategic planning of the Institute’s activity, in particular it forwards proposals for the organization and development of services and research activities and innovation and maximization of human and professional resources of personnel;
  • evaluating obtained internal results according to pre-established goals; 
  • planning and evaluating technical and healthcare activities and disciplinary and professional integration; 
  • planning and evaluating training in collaboration with other institutional organs and offices and with the departments; 
  • planning and evaluating research activities and innovation. 

The Management Board promotes involvement of personnel in the development of the Institute’s strategies, aimed at the development of clinical governance and quality of service, at the appropriateness of services and at the development of translational research, characteristic of Research and Healthcare institutions.

The Management Board is formed by: Department Directors, physicians responsible for research lines decided by the Strategic Plan, the Healthcare Medical Director, the Director of the Service for nurses, technicians and rehabilitation personnel, and elected members. The President of the Management Board is the Healthcare Medical Director.