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Joint Citywide Supply Service


The Joint Citywide Supply Service (Servizio Unico Metropolitano Economato - SUME) springs from the unification of the Bologna city area administrative services, regarding the supplying activity in its broadest sense (including the purchase of pharmaceutical products).

The healthcare bodies involved in the project are the Local Health Authority of Bologna and the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute of Bologna.

The SUME performs management activities for subcontracted services and for services directly managed, also implementing the provision of supply-side consumables and the related stock activity; manages the inventory of movable goods; manages the supply accounting; manages the activity of internal drivers for both the aforementioned Bodies.

Representatives - Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute


Secretary and Register office

Mrs. Anna Salomoni phone +39-051-6079887  e-mail

e-mail SUME Secretary:  Certified e-mail
Management of supply-side goods

Mrs. Francesca Carlei phone +39 051-6079916 e-mail
Mrs. Annamaria Venezia phone +39-051-6366276 e-mail
fax +39-051-6366695

Supply accounting

Mrs. Tania Marangoni phone +39-051-6079992 e-mail

Management of subcontrated and directly-managed services 

Mrs. Simonetta Piffanelli phone +39-051-3172773  e-mail
Management of accomodation services

Mr. Fabio Cinti phone +39-051-6079886  e-mail
Management of incomes and inventory

Mrs. Manola Simoni phone +39-051-6079981 e-mail
Mrs. Annamaria Cittadella phone +39-051-6079646 e-mail
fax +39-051-6366707

Supply stock

Mrs. Mariangela Lolli phone +39-051-6079871 e-mail

Mrs. Elisabetta Guadagnini phone +39-051-6366206 e-mail
Mrs. Daniela Larato phone +39-051-6366297 e-mail
fax +39-051-6446809


Representatives - Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute, Pharmacy Sector


Secretary and Register office

Mrs. Roberta Smaldone phone +39-051-6366292 e-mail
fax +39-051-6366291

Management of pharmaceuticals and devices

Mrs. Carmen Farfallini phone +39-051-6366474 e-mail
fax +39-051-6366291

Mrs. Rosalia Donnici phone +39-051-6366474 e-mail
fax +39-051-6366291

Management of diagnostic devices, Laboratories and Cell and Musculoskeletal Tissue Bank

Mrs. Roberta Smaldone phone +39-051-6366292 e-mail
fax +39-051-6366291

Management of Prostheses, Synthesis, deposit account and bailments

Mrs Rosanna Castagnara phone +39-051-6366384 e-mail
fax +39-051-6366291

Mrs Nadia Menicozzi phone +39-051-6366384 e-mail

fax +39-051-6366291


Representatives - Local Health Authority of Bologna

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