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Information and Communication Technology Services


The IOR management service for Information  Systems has been since long an established tradition.
Established at the beginning of the 1960s, with the aim to automate the main repetitive activities through autonomously developed IT programs, its mission and its composition changed several times to keep the pace with the technological developments.
Especially, with the development of the “information system” concept, it integrated its competencies of strict IT character with others, rather connected to the organization and analysis of system and data integration.

The IOR information system, which was already one of the first examples of integrated architecture by the beginning of the 1970s, is today among the most complete from a functional point of view. The constant collaboration between the Information System and the scientific research makes results and products of high technological innovation available to its users.

Our current mission is:

  • To rationalize, integrate and computerize all the information fluxes, both internal and interfacing the external world;
  • To coordinate all the activities both internal to the Institute, and related to externally managed services, which are based on ICT technologies;
  • To promote, assist and participate in person to the realization of new projects, in addition to the acquisition of new information technologies;
  • To provide support to the internal informative system’s users;
  • To promote internal communication, by providing and managing appropriate tools;
  • To support organizational modifications, with appropriate developments of existing systems;
  • To manage, maintain and develop: the IOR client pool, the central data center and server, the data network (cabled and wireless);
  • To provide network services such as email, firewalls and connectivity;
  • To manage and assist the safety of information;
  • To manage, maintain and develop the information system pertaining to the administrative, health and transversal areas.

In addition, the internal competence of the service  is entitled to manage the monthly information obligation to the Region for activity and mobility fluxes.

Application-Oriented and Management Sector

It analyzes the new exigencies of agreement with the Directorates of the Institute, and manages the whole process which, starting  from the feasibility study, implements the utilization of the new system.

Serves as an interface among the system’s users and possible external providers;

Harmonizes and standardizes the informative contents of databases;

Defines, together with the High Directorate, the budget for the IT equipment (HW/SW). Sets the calls for tenders and collaborates in the contracting of such provisions.

System Sector

It is responsible for the efficiency and correct functioning of all the Institute’s information systems. It manages their update, maintenance and technological development.

It projects, realizes and manages technological solutions to improve the safety of data and systems.

Networks and Telematic Infrastructures Sector

It manages, administrates and maintains the local data network and the data communications from and to the outside.

It projects its development and expansion;

Manages, administrates and maintains the internet services (DSN, proxy, email, FTP, antispam, VPN, firewall and so forth…) managing the safety of communications.

Research and Innovation Sector

It sets the research proposals on the application of highly innovative technologies and participates to co-financing projects with private companies.

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