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Planning, Control and Evaluation systems


The complex structure “Planning, Control and Evaluation systems” oversees the macro-process of planning-programming-controlling the company strategies, safeguarding, from a systemic perspective, the monitoring and evaluation of results.

Its responsibilities therefore include:

  • to guarantee support to the Direction in strategic planning and in the planning and evaluation of the company performances;
  • to manage the organizational development processes, also supporting the reorganizational pathways methodologically, including the processes of unification in the metropolitan area or the territorial Wide Area;
  • to implement the system of evaluation of Human Resources, according to what provided by the legislation in force and the recommendations by the regional Independent Evaluation Body (OIV);
  • to manage the process of programming and control, also utilizing the company budget, according to what provided by the Implementation Plan for the certification of accounts; and working as an interface for the Joint and Company Services for what concerns the planning of resources -  with special reference to the Company Employment Plan – and the monitoring of transversal budgets.

Belonging to the structure are the following organizational branches:

  • Information fluxes;
  • Management control;
  • Staff evaluation system.

The Director of the complex structure is the coordinator of the Company Body supporting the regional OIV.


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