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The Service for Patrimony and Technical Activities


The Service for Patrimony and Technical Activities  (PAT) is responsible for:
  • ensuring the management of the Institute's real estate assets
  • ensuring the implementation of the Institute's Investment Plan, in particular managing the activities related to the implementation of the Buildings and Plants Investment Plan, and those related to maintenance according to the Regional planning lines, also carrying out, in particular, in-house planning up to the preliminary level, works supervision
  • safety during execution, testing
  • ensuring the maintenance of sanitary/biomedical equipment in collaboration with Clinical Engineering
  • managing and monitoring outsourced services (global service)
  • managing the updating of the health authorizations to operate within the Institute's care facilities (Regional Resolution 327/2004)
  • ensuring the presence of Proceedings Managers for the works, in compliance to Legislative Decree 163/2006
  • ensuring the planning and implementation of safety interventions, in relation to risk assessment and to the priorities expressed by the Prevention Service
  • promoting energy saving policies in collaboration with the inter-company Energy Manager
  • guaranteeing the functions of Mobility management
  • ensuring the concierge functions of the Institute's structures.

It has an obligation to monitor and evaluate the suppliers working for the Service, and is accountable to the Management for their actions.

It is responsible for the Supply Chain, qualifying itself as a reference point for the internal interlocutors, thus managing:

  • the support to the management services for the evaluation of suppliers, based on the reports collected by the Executive and Process Managers
  • the interface with the central purchasing departments (Consip, Intercent - ER) and with the unified services involved in the supply chain (purchases by the Finance office, logistics)
  • the entire process for the purchase of goods and services with a value of less than €20.000 relating to: research, capital purchases (investment plan), maintenance of health and IT equipment as well as services related to the peculiarities of the Institute, up to the settlement of invoices, interfacing with corporate and unified offices
  • works contracts
  • spending review and monitoring activities, in general, on the costs for the purchase of goods and services
  • the fulfilment/updating of the register of contracts and information flows, including those provided by the Anti-corruption Plan
  • donations and loans.

Energy Manager

C. Giacometti, email:, phone +39-051-6366664

Construction Works and Building Investments

General and specialist planning, work supervision, safety coordination, testing
Head: A. Conti, Eng., email:, phone: +39-051-6366727 

Feasibility studies, architectural projects, management and presentation of building and fire-fighting practices, CAD drawing, graphic archive 
Head: N. Sgarzi, email:, phone: +39-051-6366586

Real estate and plant management sector, energy management

Construction and Green Works Management Office
Head: I. Calamelli, email:, phone +39-051-6366489 
M. Sarti, email:, phone +39-051-6366598
D. Castellazzi, email:, phone +39-051-6366682
G. Moro, email:, phone +39-051-6366854

Electrical, Special Systems and Telephony Supervision Office

Head: R. Mascherini, email:, phone +39-051-6366587  
L. Lolli, email:, phone +39-051-6366916  

Hydraulic and Mechanical Works Management Office
Head: C. Giacometti, email:, phone +39-051-6366664  
D. Fanti, email:, phone +39-051-6366281  
A. Rizzi, email:, phone +39-051-6366003

Contacts and Locations


PAT Secretary
tel. +39-051-6366973+39-051-6366973
fax +39-051-581302

Where are our locations?

Research Institute Codivilla-Putti
via di Barbiano, 1/10
40136 Bologna Italy
(second floor)