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Scientific-Technical Committee

The Scientific-Technical Committee (CTS) performs consultative functions and supports the technical-scientific aspects of the clinical-scientific and research activity.

The CTS is appointed by the Orientation and Verification Council, on the basis of what provided by the regulation attached to the Agreement Act of the State-Regions Conference (July 23rd, 2003 n. 2037). It is composed by eight members: the four Department Directors, one member chosen among the Medical Directors, one among the healthcare professionals within the managerial staff, and two external experts.

The Committee is chaired by the Scientific Director. The Chief Executive Officer, the Health Director, the Healthcare Medical Director, the Administrative Director and the Director of the Nursing, Technical and Rehabilitation Service have the right to participate to the CTS.

The CTS is informed by the Scientific Director of the Institute’s activity, also concerning the Direction’s strategic choices, and formulates consultative opinions and proposals on the scientific and research programs and objectives, as well as preliminary opinions on single scientific initiatives. An opinion by the CTS is required anytime a scientific activity is expected to involve the Institute’s structures or staff (organization of conferences, internal or external research projects, acceptance of commissioned researches and so forth).

Moreover, the CTS formulates preliminary and binding opinions on the scientific value of each research projects, and on its adherence to the Institute’s mission. Only when approved, the experimentation request is submitted to the Ethical Committee.

The resolution n. 144 of July 3rd, 2017 ratifies the appointment of CTS members in the new configuration, realized by the body’s Orientation and Verification Council. In addition to the directors of the four Department, the members are:

  • Prof. Seil Romain – external member
  • Prof. Mauro Alini - external member
  • Dr. Giovanni Barbanti Brodano – internal member
  • D.ssa Patrizia Taddia - internal member

The Scientific-Technical Committee on the occasion of his inauguration (december 18th, 2017)