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Advanced Models and Innovative Therapies (MATI)


The simple unit Advanced Models and Innovative Therapies (MATI) is a specialized structure part of Osteoncology, Bone and Soft Tissue Sarcomas and Innovative Therapies.

The objective of MATI is the deepening into the natural history of sarcomas, and the study of the metastasization process in particular at the lung and bone level for the identification of innovative therapies. Preclinical research in oncology has been based - until a few years ago - mainly on cultures of tumor cell lines grown on plastic supports in single layer. It has been demonstrated that these systems are inadequate to recreate the tumour microenvironment and therefore to obtain useful results to be translated into clinical practice. Advances in tissue engineering have led to the design of culture systems based on biomimetic three-dimensional (3D) scaffolds, which reproduce the biological and physical stimuli of natural tissues. These 3D structures provide superior in vitro models with adequate dimensions, increased cell-cell and cell-matrix contact, the creation of metabolic and oxygenative gradients, and bio-mechanical stimulus. Concerning future developments in this area include the creation of 3D models specific to the tissues in which tumors develop in the study, in terms of extracellular matrix and stromal populations that populate the tumor microenvironment. 

The MATI simple unit deals with the development of innovative preclinical models for the study of: 
- natural history of sarcomas and crosstalk with the tumour microenvironment 
- the process of metastasisation at lung and bone level
- new drug combinations and the development and validation of innovative therapies

Immagine MATI
The image represents the different phases of the metastasization process, which begins early during the formation of the tumor and involves the tumor microenvironment, but also cells of the immune system recalled in the primary tumor and organs that will be colonized by cancer cells. One of the research topics of MATI is the in-depth study of all phases of this process.


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