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Corsini Serena, PhD


Date of Birth

Researcher, PhD

Current assignment

Biotechnologist – Research Assistant

Title of qualification awarded

2006: Degree in Medical Biotechnology at the University of Bologna.

Other qualifications awarded

2011: Ph.D. in Renal and Urologic Science at the University of Bologna.

Positions held
  • From 2019: Professional collaborator for health research at the Department of Rare Skeletal Diseases
  • From 2012: Researcher at the Department of Medical Genetics and Rare Orthopaedic Diseases
  • 2010-12: Contract assignment for the S. Orsola-Malpighi University Hospital of Bologna in the laboratory of Nephrology, Dialysis and Kidney Transplantation
  • 2009: Winner of a research grant at the Department of Internal Medicine, Aging and Renal Disease of the University of Bologna
  • 2007-10: PhD in Renal and Urologic Science for a period of three years at the Department of Internal Medicine, Aging and Renal Disease, University of Bologna with a project on the polymorphism of KIR and HLA-C genes in relation to acute and chronic rejection in kidney transplantation
  • 2005-06 Experience as a graduating student and graduate visitor at the Department of Clinical Medicine and Applied Biotechnology, University of Bologna. In particular, in the research laboratory of Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation of the S. Orsola-Malpighi University Hospital.

English: fluent.
French: basic.

  • Excellent knowledge of the main Windows programs (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PaintShop, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express), some Web-based tools of Bioinformatics (EBI, NCBI, HGMD, Lovd, Human Splicing Finder) and software dedicated to the use of diagnostic and research equipment (CellQuest™ BD FACScan; Luminex 100 IS 2.3 for LabScan 100; MXpro QPCR Software - version 3.2 for Mx3000P - Stratagene)
  • Molecular Biology. Basic techniques (extraction, purification, digestion and electrophoretic analysis of DNA and RNA from peripheral blood and other biological samples). Design and optimization of primers. PCR techniques and analysis of mutations and genetic polymorphisms using RFLP, PCR-SSCP. Real time PCR. Electrophoresis on agarose gel. DNA sequencing (using the Sequencer ABI PRISM 3100 and the program Sequencing Analysis v5.2). Typing in molecular biology by flow cytometry: LabType SSO technology (Luminex xMAP 100)
  • Knowledge and use of pre-screening methods for DHPLC and High Resolution Melting (HRM)
  • Fragment analysis by multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA) and use of data analysis software
  • Knowledge and use of Quantstudio®3D Digital PCR system and data analysis via App Cloud ThermoFisher
  • Biochemistry. Gel electrophoresis, spectrophotometric assays, enzyme immunoassays (ELISA and EIA)
  • Clinical diagnostics. Assays in clinical chemistry, hematology, coagulation, microscopic analysis and flow cytometry of urinary sediment
  • Flow Cytometry. Analysis of lymphocyte subpopulations, fluorescent labeling with monoclonal antibodies, analysis and quantification of membrane markers on lymphocytes and monocytes, urinary cytometry, multiplex methods for assay of cytokines and chemokines in plasma (cytometric bead assay).
Teaching activities

Tutoring in preparation for experimental theses in Biotechnology, Biology and Medicine.

Scientific activities
  • From 2015 she joined the European project ERA-NET on Transcan titled "Identification of molecular therapeutic targets and diagnostic/prognostic biomarkers for malignant transformation of osteochondromas"
  • From 2013 she joined the Technopole project of Emilia-Romagna – CLIBI laboratory – Clinical bioinformatics
  • She took part at the 11th Biennal Meeting of the International Skeletal Disease Society (ISDS)
  • 2007-11: Participation in several research projects and congresses in Nephrology, Dialysis and Kidney Transplantation.
Clinical and/or Scientific interests

Clinical and molecular genetics related to the study of rare musculoskeletal diseases, genotype-phenotype correlation and pathogenetic mechanisms in rare musculoskeletal diseases.
Support in the activity of Head of Quality and Accreditation for the SSD of Medical Genetics and Rare Orthopaedic Diseases.
Biology and molecular genetics of renal diseases, dialysis and immune reactions involved in kidney transplantation.