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Technical Department





The Department is accountable for the development of technical, technological and IT innovation, including IRCCS research purchases.

-    It provides for the planning, management and implementation of investments in construction and systems, biomedical technology and ICT, and ensures that they are in line with the regulatory framework and corporate objectives;
-    it ensures the management and upkeep of the real estate owned and/or used by the Institute and of the biomedical and information technologies owned and installed in the company's structures, and constantly monitors the relevant cost items;
it ensures the safety and the ongoing operation of technological systems and of biomedical and information technologies for the implementation of healthcare and research services, through admission tests, periodic inspections and the implementation of maintenance schedules;
-    within the framework of the IOR's strategic annual planning, it ensures the control and management of the areas of its responsibility, identifying the appropriate management policies and defining the operational guidelines for the Structures assigned to it;
-    it cooperates with the Direction and with the persons in charge of managing the planning of the strategic objectives in relation to the matters referred to in the previous points. To achieve this, it identifies the goals of the structures to which it refers, while developing expertise through a constant search for improved processes and innovative management systems, with the aim of pursuing/realising continuous improvement results in terms of organisational efficiency and effectiveness;
-    it ensures proper management of the technical, administrative and logistical support functions for which it is accountable.

The duties of the Technical Department are to support the Management in the pursuit of company goals, with a high vocation for a transversal approach to production processes and health and research activities, as a service provider for all the organisational units of the Institute.

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