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Signed the PNRR Protocol between Guardia di Finanza and Rizzoli

To strengthen monitoring of the execution of public works and services in order to prevent illegal conduct

February 26th, 2024

The Memorandum of Understanding between the Guardia di Finanza and the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute for the monitoring and control of economic support, financing and investment measures provided for in the PNRR and PNC was signed this morning at the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute.

To sign the agreement, the Provincial Commander of the Guardia di Finanza Gen. B. Carlo Levanti and the Director General of the Rizzoli Anselmo Campagna in the presence of those who works to drafting of the Protocol.

The protocol of understanding provides for a mutual collaboration between the Guardia di Finanza and Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli to strengthen the system of monitoring and supervising the execution of public works and services in order to prevent and combat any illegal conduct.

The Institute will periodically communicate to the Provincial Command of the Guardia di Finanza of Bologna data, news, information and analysis of context, in particular the list of interventions, measures, executive projects eligible for funding.

The first report will be sent within 30 days of the signing of the protocol and Rizzoli will update the list of interventions and news on each of these on a quarterly basis. It will also be possible to organize meetings and meetings with both parties to analyze possible elements that will require further study and attention.

The agreement will remain operational until the use of all the financial resources relative to the participations previewed in the PNRR and in the Complementary Fund and to the completion of the correlated participations, not beyond 31 December 2026.

La firma del protocollo d'intesa
During the sign of the protocol between the general director of Rizzoli Anselmo Campagna and Provincial Commander of the Guardia di Finanza Gen. Gen. B. Carlo Levanti



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