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Book a visit in a freelance profession

Orthopaedic, physiatrist, general surgery, anesthesiology, oncology, rheumatology visits; visit for antalgic therapy; visit for osteoporosis; internal examination; densitometry; CT, ultrasound, MRI.

The health benefits under the Intramoenia Freelance Profession can be booked in the following ways:

800 046 040

  • going to CUP offices or pharmacies (only for citizens resident in the territory of the USL Company of Bologna).

The radiographs can be booked exclusively by calling from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 3.00 pm at the free number (the call is free of charge from both landline and mobile; here the text of the automatic voice response of the call center):

800 046 040

For calls from abroad: +39-051-4206294

For visits in the freelance profession is not required the binding of the doctor; instead it is necessary to pay the amount of the professional rate, that is communicated at the moment of booking.

Reservation of health services  under the Free Profession Intramoenia (in external clinics)

Some professionals or teams carry out outpatient activities in the free profession at facilities outside the Institute, in Bologna and also in other Italian cities. For information about these external clinics you can use the dedicated search engine or contact the Information Office

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