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The primary aim of the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute is to implement and organize scientific research, to develop and produce technologic innovation in surgical techniques and in the treatment of orthopaedic pathologies, and to transfer these results into clinical practise, in accordance to the policies of the Ministry of Health and of the Emilia-Romagna Region. The Scientific Director of the Institute is in charge of the promotion and management of research activity.

Some of the results of the scientific research are considered inventions susceptible of being protected by the law, as they can determine, by industrial valorization, a significant economic and commercial value. The Institute aims at enhancing its Intellectual Assets and know-how and intends to promote technology transfer from Research Laboratories to private enterprises, targeting the following objectives of promotion and safeguard of inventive results:

  • to promote and organize inventive research within the Institute, in the field of orthopedics and especially of the musculo-skeletal system, but without excluding other topics recognized by the development programming guidelines of the Emilia-Romagna Region and of the Ministry of Health;
  • to promote collaboration initiatives with public and private researchers, with the aim to strenghten the activities fostering the development of results which represent potential patents;
  • to financially valorize the research results, through industrial development and technology transfer, and to strenghten the relationships with companies.

For this activity and to facilitate the development of research, the Institute promotes actions and contacts with partners, thus aiming at the industrial accomplishment and development of its Intellectual Assets, by economically exploiting and utilizing its Patent Rights.

The activity of technology transfer is especially considered of interest for the Institute when it is based on the capacity of industries to participate, broadly and in synergy, to joint scientific projects which continue after patent rights have been otained, and which see the Institute and the industries as active partners, also for the development of integrated studies and for the activation of new processes that lead to further inventive results.

The terms for the transfer of new technologies and patents are negotiated each time, also considering the development possibilities of each project, and the potential of the synergic agreements between the Institute innovation and research, and the relative industry’s commercialization, always in compliance with the legislation in force (Legislative Decree n.30 of February 10th, 2005 - Code for Intellectual Property).

Some of the Institute’s Patent Rights of its Intellectual Assets are visible in the patents showcase.