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NON European Union citizens

Hospital Admissions

Citizens can be admitted only by paying the corresponding fee.This is composed of a medical part (e.g. hip arthroprotesis) and a part relating to the chosen hotel accommodation. A quote about the cost of admission can be requested from the Office of Economic Benefits at or at the numbers 051-6366427 (in Italian language) from 10.00 am to 0.30 pm from Monday to Friday and +39-051-6366628 (in English) from 10.30 am to 0.30 pm from Monday to Friday.

The different types of hospitalization are:

1.  Standard admission, standard hotel comfort;
2.  Standard admission, deluxe hotel comfort;
3.  Private admission, standard hotel comfort;
4.  Private admission, deluxe hotel comfort.

Information about payment methods:

The patient has to pay the hospitalization, based on the type of performance and hospitalization required, before entering the hospital. Payment must be made by bank transfer in euro and with all bank charges paid (including those of the bank-treasurer of the institution):

IBAN IT73E0306902520100000046028
with the wording “International bank costs will be borne by us”.

Medical visits

All citizens can access the visits under the free profession by calling +39-051-4206294 (phone calls from outside Italy) and the number 800 046 040 (calls from Italy). Visits under the Liberal Profession (with the possibility of choosing the doctor to see) require the payment of a fee.

The cost of the visit varies, depending on the doctor chosen, from 60.00 to 250.00 € plus any diagnostic tests carried out at the time of the visit (27.80 € or more depending on the examination). The amount must be paid directly to the Automatic Ticket Office on the day of the visit. Visits under the Free Profession are only made in the afternoon.