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Tassinari Enrico, MD


Date of Birth


Current assignment

B-level professional assignment: "Arthroscopy and minimally invasive surgery" (deliberation n.232 of Oct. 18th, 2016)

Title of qualification awarded

2005: Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Bologna, with honors. 

Other qualifications awarded

2009: Specialization in Orthopaedics and Traumatology at the University of Bologna, with honors. 

Positions held
  • He assisted Dr. Aldo Toni, during the years of specialization, in clinical and surgical activity, in the assessment, study and intervention of hip prostheses and hip implants.
  • From March to May 2009 he actively followed as Resident Observer the clinical and surgical activities of Dr. Eduardo A.Salvati (Total hip and knee prostheses), Dr. Edwin P.Su (Hip Covering Prosthesis) and Dr. Robert L.Buly (Hip Arthroscopy) at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York.
  • He was a freelance contract doctor from November 2009 to November 2011 at the SC of Prosthetic Surgery and Hip and Knee Implants, and since 1 December 2011 he has been employed with an indefinite contract at the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute with the qualification of Medical Director.
  • Since May 2023 he has been working at SC Clinica Ortopedica e Traumatologica 2 (directed by Prof. Stefano Zaffagnini) where he is responsible for the evaluation and treatment of hip diseases in young athletes (Hip Arthroscopy) and in Adult and Elderly Prosthetic Surgery (Hip Prostheses and Hip Implants).
  • He carries out clinical and scientific activities as part of the study and improvement of surgical techniques of: total hip prosthesis, hip arthroscopy, hip replanting, knee arthroscopy, total knee prosthesis.From 2011 to today (May 2023) he performed as first Operator about 700 interventions of Total Hip Prosthesis with Minimally Invasive Technique with rapid post-operative recovery; about 500 interventions of Hip Arthroscopy for the correction of the Femoral Acetabular Conflict type Cam and Pincer and the Acetabular Lip Repair. Hip Arthroscopy can also be associated with the use of biological techniques (NanoPerforations) for stimulation of mesenchymal cells for the repair of cartilage defects on the hip and to perform surgery Lip Transplant Acetabular.
  • He was in charge of the MOM clinic for the periodic clinical and X-ray evaluation in patients with metal-to-metal-bonded and/or coated hip prostheses (for information
  • He has also collaborated as an orthopaedic consultant on the development of the HipOpPlan software, which he currently uses for preoperative planning with computer simulation CT-assisted in complex cases of total prostheses and in the replanting of hip implants.
  • From 2009 to 2013 he was Sports Doctor of the Club Libertas Bk Pallacanestro Forlì, with experience on the field in sports traumatology, especially hip and knee.


Italian: mother tongue
English: excellent