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Technology Transfer Office (TTO)


Technology Transfer (TT) is defined as the process through which new knowledge, new technologies and, more generally, research products and the resulting applications are made available to companies, or other types of investors, after a process evaluation that demonstrates its sustainability and usefulness towards users.

In order to uniformly govern the complexity of these processes, the Scientific Direction of the IRCCS Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli has equipped itself with a Technology Transfer Office (TTO), which has the function of providing direct support to its researchers, providing indications on the best strategies to be adopted, proposing possible actions for technology transfer and industrial enhancement of research results.

In this perspective, the TTO has the task of supporting and promoting activities aimed at enhancing the research and know-how of the Institute, acting as an interface between scientific research and the business world, promoting synergies between public and private. This activity is carried out continuously both through internal scouting, monitoring the results of research with a higher level of transferability, and through external scouting, thus weaving a dense network of relationships with external stakeholders - such as companies, industrial networks, science-technology parks, platforms of industrial research and foundations - potentially interested in investing in the Institute, both in terms of the acquisition of intellectual property, and in terms of the use of clinical-scientific know-how and of the technology present for funded or commissioned research projects.

As regards the protection of inventions, the implementation of legal strategies for the management of intellectual property rights and the formalization of agreements with third parties, the Simple Structure "Research Administration" (SSAR) coordinates, negotiates and manages all legal and procedural aspects.

Furthermore, SSAR manages the activities related to the filing of new patents and the negotiation processes of the confidentiality agreements (Non-Disclosure Agreement-NDA) relating to technology transfer.

In compliance with the new regulations established by Law 102/2023, is currently underway the revision of the Regulation for the protection, management and valorisation of the Institute's intellectual property. Until the new rule are implemented, the parts of the current regulation that do not comply with current legislation will not be applied. For further information, please contact


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Nicola Fazio, MSc (TTO)
tel. +39-051-6366276

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