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Salerno Manuela, Biologist, Ph.D.


Date of Birth

Biotechnologist, Biologist

Current assignment


Title of qualification awarded

2009: PhD in Medical Biotechnology, University of Bologna.

Other qualifications awarded
  • 2010: Master Degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Bologna (110/110).
  • 2005: Master of Science in Biotechnology, University of Bologna (with honors).
Positions held
  • From 2020: Biologist at the Applied and Translational Research Center, IOR.
  • 2005-2015: Research fellow and Post-Doc, University of Bologna, at the Laboratory for Orthopaedic Pathophysiology and Regenerative Medicine, IOR.   
  • English: fluent.
  • French: basic knowledge.

Regular use of bibliographic databases; excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office; excellent knowledge of digital imaging and photo editing software.

Scientific activities

Participation in Research Projects:

  • 2020: EURONANOMED III 2017 Project NANO-SCORES ‘NANOstructured oSteoChOndral scaffold: novel biomimetic tRiggErS for enhanced bone regeneration’.
  • 2014: AIRC Project ‘Photodynamic therapy and proton pump inhibitors for the treatment of pain in patients with bone metastases’.
  • 2011: AIRC Project ‘Multimodal treatment of musculoskeletal sarcomas by targeting proton dynamics and acidic microenvironment’.
  • 2010: Emilia-Romagna PRrU project ‘Use of biomarkers and gene expression profiles to identify cancer patients with different prognosis and sensitivity to molecular targeted agents’.
  • 2010: FIRB Project ‘Cellule staminali tumorali: vie di trasduzione del segnale quali bersagli di potenziali terapie’.
  • 2008: NANOBIOCOM Project ‘Intelligent nanocomposite for bone tissue repair and regeneration’.
  • 2007: AIRC Project ‘Targeting skeletal metastases by nanoscale multifunctional bone-seeking agents’.
  • 2006: Monte dei Paschi di Siena Project ‘Traslazione clinica delle attuali conoscenze precliniche nell’ambito dell’ingegneria tissutale muscolo scheletrica per ricostruzioni biologiche da perdite di sostanza traumatiche e patologiche’.

Author of 22 scientific papers on international journals. H-Index: 18; citations: 839 (Scopus).

Clinical and/or Scientific interests
  • Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine: in vitro study of osteochondral and osteomimetic scaffolds.
  • Orthopaedic oncology: cancer stem cells in musculoskeletal sarcomas; study of the bone and tumour microenvironment; molecular mechanisms of osteolytic metastases.
  • Cellular and molecular biology.