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Clinical Trial Center (CTC)


The Center supports the Institute for the progression of clinical trials. It supports the clinical investigators with the aim of ensuring the progression of trials according to the protocols with particular reference to patient enrolment, informed consent, registration of results, appropriateness of setting, congruity of the information contained in the health documentation.

The aim of the Clinical Trial Center of the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute and Scientific Research Hospital (CTC.IOR) is to make research results and new therapies available as rapidly as possible, for the healthcare and wellbeing of patients suffering from musculo-skeletal diseases.

The CTC.IOR was formally constituted at the beginning of 2018, as a simple structure embedded in the Scientific Direction, and functions as an interface with the Healthcare Direction, the Clinical Departments and the Operative Units. The CTC.IOR was realized with the objective to favor the (profit and non profit) clinical experiments performed at the Institute, together with multicenter researches involving the Rizzoli Institute.

It is a multi-professional structure necessary for a Scientific Research Hospital, also required by the Ministry of Health; together with its Head, the structure employs collaborators such as nurses and other highly qualified personnel.

The CTC.IOR supports and helps investigators in every phase: study planning, filing of the necessary documents for the presentation to the Ethical Committee, data monitoring, management and archiving of the documentation, publication of results.

Immagine di repertorio (assistenza alla realizzazione di studi clinici)

The CTC.IOR is organizing its activities in order to operate through validated, standardized procedures, belonging to the institutional system of permanent quality improvement. The CTC.IOR staff is continuously updated on the issues pertaining to clinical research, with the coordination of the Scientific Direction.


Personell presently employed at the CTC.IOR

Loredana Mavilla MD +39-051-6366392
Maria Chiara Menarini Administrative collaborator +39-051-6366710
Martina Piccinni Leopardi Pharmacist +39-051-6366470
Laura Di Maio Pharmacist +39-051-6366797
Arianna Ferretti Cherkes Zade Pharmacist +39-051-6366043
Simonetta Gamberini Lab Technician simonetta.gamberini +39-051-6366796
Alessandro Tucci Nurse;

+39-051-6366116; 051-6366331


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Clinical Trial Center (CTC.IOR)

phone +39-051-6366392


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Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute

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