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Scientific Directorate



The Scientific Directorate guides and coordinates the Institute’s scientific research.

The Scientific Director presides over the Scientific Technical Committee, a technical consulting body addressing scientific, educational and research issues.

The Scientific Directorate is supported by a Research Administrative Infrastructure, directed by Pierpaola D’Alessandro, and composed by a team supporting the researchers.

The following organizational branches depend on the Scientific Direction:

Secretary of the Scientific Directorate:

phone +39-051-6366721    fax +39-051-4689901    e-mail

  • Mrs. Monica Cestari 



Secretariat of the Scientific Directorate

phone +39-051-6366721

fax +39-051-4689901


Where are our locations?

Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli
Centro di ricerca Codivilla-Putti
via di Barbiano, 1/10
40136 Bologna

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